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John Kerry: Don’t Let Cheney Bail Out DeLay

John Kerry’s KeepingAmericasPromise PAC sent out a fundraising email today as Dick Cheney is scheduled to appear at a Tom Delay fundraiser (see Ron’s earlier post on DeLay here). Kerry is focused on the ’06 races. Here’s the email, for those who may not have gotten it: Today, two men and half the Republican Party’s […]

John Kerry on 9/11 Commission Giving Washington Failing Grade on Homeland Security

From the WaPo – “In its final act before formally disbanding as a private group, the former Sept. 11 commission gave the federal government failing or mediocre grades today for not enacting numerous reforms aimed at protecting the country from terrorist attacks.” John Kerry made the following statement today on the 9/11 Commission’s final report […]

Money Laundering Charges Upheld Against DeLay

A judge dismissed conspiracy charges but did not throw out the charges on money laundering. The trial is not expected to go to trial before the first of the year, which would problably have been necessary for DeLay to remain Majority Leader.

Conservatives Against Intelligent Design

Earlier I mentioned the connection between the neocons and intellligent design. I certainly don’t want to give the false impression that all conservatives buy this crap. Considering that intelligent design is an idea more absurd than a belief that we benefit from war in Iraq (as opposed to going after al Qaeda), and maybe even […]

Kerry Calls For Removal of Rumsfeld

Raw Story reports on the following call from John Kerry for the removal of Rumsfeld following Rumsfled’s speech on Iraq today: “Secretary Rumsfeld today sent dangerous mixed signals about Iraq. Does the Defense Secretary really just throw up his hands and accept that on-going terrorist attacks are inevitable in Iraq for the foreseeable future? Is […]

AMA Calls for Doctors to Defend Evolution Against Attacks

The American Medical Association has posted an editorial on the need for doctors to take a side in support of evolution, noting that “we live in loopy times.” They note the importance of dangers of allowing philosophy to replace science: Science politicization threatens not just our public health and the environment but the very integrity […]

New York Times Writes Obituary on Intelligent Design

The New York Times looks at intelligent design and finds that Intelligent Design Might Be Meeting Its Maker. They note how intelligent design was created as an attempt to unite creationists with academics and others who might fall for the idea that teaching both side of a controversy is a rational idea: Intelligent design posits […]