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No Win Situation

Scanning the right wing blogs and columnists there is a common talking point about Democrats and Iraq. The argument is that Democrats have no consistent stance on Iraq, and offer no good solutions. On one level there is degree of truth to this. There is no reason that the opposition party needs to unite on […]

European Bible Study More Fun Than American

While it seems that some American religious groups are preoccupied with preventing gay marriage or the teaching of evolution, those Europeans are far more interesting. The BBC reports that “A German Protestant youth group has put together a 2006 calendar illustrated with erotic scenes from the Bible.” The 12 re-enacted passages feature a bare-breasted Delilah […]

Kerry’s Christmas Goose Is in the Bag

From Washington Whispers: Kerry’s Christmas Goose Is in the Bag Sorry, PETA; Sen. John Kerry really does hunt–and not just when the campaign cameras are whirring. Remember that scene in late October of last year’s presidential election when Kerry emerged from a muddy Ohio field in a new camo jacket cradling a shotgun but not […]

Top Ten Bushisms

The Top Ten lists for 2005 have started to appear. Here’s the Top Ten Bushisms of 2005.

Emily Returns Home Safely

I previously linked to a story (in the comments of a post) about Emily, the stowaway cat who flew off to France. In light of the interest expressed in the story, I should follow up with the news that Emily has returned home.

Former West Wing Writer compares Clinton and Kerry Records

Michael Oates Palmer, whose biography includes writing for The West Wing, compared Hillary Clinton to John Kerry at the Huffington Post. While we have often seen some unfair characteriztions of Kerry’s record at that site, Palmer gets it right on this one: Well, we now have a Hillary Clinton record. Four years in the Senate. […]