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John Kerry on The Ed Schultz Show Today

John Kerry was on the Ed Schultz Show again today to discuss the military paying for planted news stories in Iraq (see our earlier posts on this issue here and here). Listen to John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show here. I missed it… but I did get a head’s up from Tank, Ed Schultz’s […]

Kerry Dives into Iraq Topic with Reporters

John Kerry was at the White House today to be on hand when Bush signed the legislation honoring Rosa Parks with a statue in her image at the Capitol. After the event, reporters were on hand with questions for Kerry in the White House driveway. From the looks of the photos they all seemed anxious […]

Bush Signs Legislation for Rosa Parks Statue

Today, George W. Bush signed the legislation sponsored by John Kerry in the Senate and Jesse Jackson, Jr. in the House, to honor Rosa Parks with a statue in her image at the U.S. Capitol. On hand for the signing were: Senator John Kerry, Senator Dick Lugar, HUD Secretary Alfonso Jackson, first lady Laura Bush, […]

U.S. News: Gary Hart Backs Kerry’s Iraq Plan

A story in the U.S. News, notes that Gary Hart backs John Kerry’s Iraq plan. The U.S. news is referring to the email sent out by JohnKerry.com yesterday in which Hart noted his support for Kerry’s plan, stating: When I first read John Kerry’s October speech on Iraq, I knew it was a turning point. […]

Paid Propaganda in Iraqi Newspapers

There are reports of paid propaganda in Iraqi newspapers, which should come as no surprise. Word has it “that the U.S. military is paying Iraqi newspapers and journalists to plant favorable stories about the war and the rebuilding effort.” White House spokesman Scottie McClellan feigned concern – “we’re very concerned.” Right. Details were first reported […]

Will Bush do his Civic Duty?

It seems that George W. Bush has been called for jury duty in Crawford. Will he do his civic duty as John Kerry recently did?

Kerry on the Today Show

John Kerry was on the Today Show this morning discussing Bush’s speech yesterday and his own plan for Iraq. Matt Lauer asked this morning “What would John Kerry do?” Lauer: “The President laid out what he calls his plan for victory in Iraq yesterday in his speeech… He said he wants to get to a […]