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Kerry & Conyers on “Politcally Direct” Christmas Day

David Bender has holiday treat cooked up for his Air America Radio show — Politically Direct, tomorrow from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, EST: December 25, 2005 Johnnies Be Good – Kerry & Conyers for Christmakah! My special guests today on our holiday edition of Politically Direct are Senator John Kerry and Congressman John Conyers. Topics […]

Teresa Heinz Kerry: The Outrageous Silence of George W. Bush

Ron has a wonderful Festivus post below. Among my Festivus grievances is that Teresa Heinz Kerry is not our First Lady… The Outrageous Silence of George W. Bush By Teresa Heinz Kerry December 23, 2005 In calling the Holocaust “a myth,” as he did last week, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has drunk from the bloody […]

Chris Matthews — “Misinformer of the Year”

This award could not have gone to a more deserving misinformer: Media Matters for America today announced the winner of its 2005 “Misinformer of the Year” award. After much deliberation and a thorough — and somewhat painful –review of the many distortions, false statements, and instances of misinformation we have corrected during the year, MSNBC’s […]

Old Scrooge Cheney

Twas a few nights before Christmas and all through the House, some Republicans were stirring, like the large rodent relative of the mouse. They cut back the budget, “slicing aid away from poor families” and when the bill stalled in Senate, in charged Old Scrooge Cheney to show who’s in charge. He broke up the […]

Kennedy: On Wiretapping, Bush isn’t Listening to the Constitution

The Boston Globe featured an OP/ED from Senator Kennedy on Thursday, well worth a read. Here’s a few quips: THE PRESIDENT is not above the law; he is not King George. Yet, with sorrow, we are now learning that in this great land we have an administration that has refused to follow well-crafted, longstanding procedures […]

New Polls Shows Women Returning to Dem Party

A new poll shows that women, who voted for Bush in ’04, are returning to the Democratic Party. A Democratic polling memo released yesterday found that women, who voted for President Bush last year in large numbers, have begun migrating back to their traditional home in the Democratic Party as the public’s agenda has shifted […]

19 States to Miss Fair Vote Law Deadline

AP News reports that “nineteen states will miss the Jan. 1 deadline for complying with the federal law ensuring accurate and honest elections, but most should be ready when votes are cast in 2006.”

Congress Passes Kerry Legislation to Help Small Businesses Hurt by Drought

Late last night Congress passed John Kerry’s bipartisan Small Business Drought Relief Act, which will ensure all small businesses damaged by drought have access to low-interest loans through the Small Business Administration (SBA). Kerry’s legislation is cosponsored by Senator Mike Enzi (R-Wyo.), and has received widespread support among Governors and small businesses. The passage of […]