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John Kerry on the Ed Schultz Show

John Kerry was just on the Ed Schultz Show a while ago. Hat tip to europegirl4jfk on DU for grabbing the clip. It was an excellent interview about Iraq, Murtha and more… an absolute must listen… Listen here(WMP) or here (MP3). “There’s mud being thrown, but I’ve got news for you, it’s one directional mud.” […]

Catholic School Fires Un-wed Pregnant Teacher

The school is calling it a violation of values, the New York Civil Liberties Union calls it discrimination. An un-wed pregnant teacher in NY is fighting her firing by Catholic school. The New York Civil Liberties Union has filed a federal discrimination complaint against a Catholic school, charging that it unjustly fired an unmarried teacher […]

Note to the DNC: Don’t Tread on N.H.

The DNC is treading on dangerous ground with their desire to change the NH Primary status. Thomas Oliphant, who knows and understands N.H. politics, makes the most succinct argument about why it should not be changed in the last lines of his recent OP/ED: Everybody can join an argument about what system would be ideal […]

Cheney’s Defiant Public Image Concerns Some White House Aides

Is Cheney’s defiant nature hurting the Bush White House? It does appear some insiders think that’s the case. His latest attack dog speech “came amid a determined White House effort to answer critics of a war that polls show is growing increasingly unpopular, and that in recent weeks has helped erode Bush’s standing with the […]