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ACLU Sues Bush Staffers Over Excluding People With Other Views

ACLU sues over Bush event By Karen E. Crummy Denver Post Staff Writer DenverPost.com The White House has violated the First Amendment by repeatedly excluding Americans from public, presidential “town halls” when their views differ from those held by President Bush, according to a federal lawsuit filed in Colorado today by the American Civil Liberties […]

The White House Attack Dogs are At It Again: Kerry Responds to Mehlman

Ron just posted an article from Glen Johnson of AP News, that was a run down of the rebuttal by Kerry (see full rebuttal to Cheney here) to a speech delivered by Cheney (see Cheney’s speech here) earlier today. John Kerry also responded to the latest Republican personal attacks issued by White House Attack Dog […]

Kerry Accuses Bush, Cheney of Misleading

I’m sure regular readers here could point out a few errors in the author’s comments, but I still thought you’d be interested in seeing this report: Kerry accuses Bush, Cheney of `misleading’ in Iraqi war run-up By GLEN JOHNSON AP Political Writer Sen. John Kerry said Monday Vice President Dick Cheney is “misleading” the American […]

Donkey Rising in Defense of John Kerry

Donkey Rising defends John Kerrry from the typical blog attacks on his campaign. They find that only one Democrat might have done better, except he was unable to run–Bill Clinton. In Defense of John Kerry By David Gopoian As George W Bush’s approval ratings sink deeply in late 2005, Democrats can conveniently dismiss what we […]

A Different Kind of Race for Kerry

John Kerry was in Florida over the weekend unwinding at the NASCAR Nextel Cup Ford 400. Before attending the race on Sunday, Kerry attended a brunch at Miami attorney Stuart Ratzan’s home. ”A lot of people in the room were asking him to run,” said Wagar, Kerry’s deputy finance chairman and later Florida finance chairman […]

Thanksgiving Dinner

From Mike Tidmus

Bush, Trapped

Poor George W, the press was not too nice to him in Beijing today, and it appears he couldn’t get away… Bush was irked by a reporter who told him he seemed to be “off his game” at the Beijing public appearance, he tried to make a quick get away from a news conference but […]