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Remake Planned of The Prisoner

This is London reports that Sky One in Great Britian plans to remake the 1967 television show The Prisoner. The Prisoner, which defended “the right of the individual to be individual” was a show considered ahead of its time. It provides a message which we need in this time in which the Republicans have become […]

Frank Rich on How Bush Made Us Less Safe

Frank Rich discusses how Bush’s disasterous foreign policy mistakes have strengthened al Qaeda and made us less safe: One hideous consequence of the White House’s Big Lie – fusing the war of choice in Iraq with the war of necessity that began on 9/11 – is that the public, having rejected one, automatically rejects the […]

More Politics Than Usual Under Bush

The New York Times has this in Week in Review, but it is acutally a review of the last five years of Bush Administration corruption and dishonesty. It’s even getting to be too much for Republicans: For years now, critics have complained that the Bush administration is equally cocksure, pursuing its political and ideological goals […]

Bush Flip Flopped In Claiming IWR Was a Vote For War

Many of the attacks on Kerry stem from misinterpreting his comments at the Grand Canyon in August 2004. I discussed this here recently. Liberal Oasis also offered an explanation backing Kerry at the time: A Reminder: Bush Did Not Consider It A War Vote The purpose of Kerry’s Iraq speech was to get on the […]

Kerry and Dean Held Similar Views on Iraq

In recent posts, including two earlier today, I pointed discussed John Kerry’s position on the war as stated prior to the war. Kerry advised against going to war and believed that Bush misused the authority granted to him. Critics of Kerry in the anti-war movement, in actions which undermine the anti-war position by providing credibility […]

Kerry’s Position Prior to the War

Despite multiple recent interviews with John Kerry clarifying is position on Iraq, critics continue to try to distort his position, or to claim he is late to the anti-war cause. Reviewing Kerry’s statements going back to the IWR vote shows Kerry has been consistent in his belief that the purpose of granting the President the […]

John Kerry on Hardball: October 2003

With all the coverage of recent Kerry interviews, in is interesting to look back at what Kerry said when asked about the war during the campaign. John Kerry was interviewed by Chris Matthews on October 20, 2003. For those who don’t have the patience to wade through all of Matthews’ questions, one key point is […]

John Kerry on ABC This Morning

John Kerry was on ABC this morning speaking about Attack Politics in Washington and Iraq. Here’s a few quips from the interview: On attack politics, Kerry said: “Look, you don’t call John Murtha a Coward. And for Dick Cheney and his supporters who never put on a uniform… for someone to come to the floor […]