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Debacle in the House

I don’t know about everyone else but, I’m still speechless over today’s debacle in the House. Chicken Hawks calling War Hawks names… GOP-orchestrated bills that are “pathetic, partisan, political ploy.” How dare Rep. Jean Schimdt say this: At one point in the emotional debate, Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Ohio, told of a phone call she received […]

Kerry on NPR: on Iraq War and Rosa Parks

John Kerry was on NPR’s News & Notes with Ed Gordon today. He talked “about the latest efforts on Capitol Hill to get a clear Iraq war strategy from the White House. He also discusses new legislation to place a statue honoring civil right pioneer Rosa Parks in the capital.” Listen to the interview here.

Kerry Responds to Murtha Attacks on the Senate Floor, Debate Rages

John Kerry just delivered a scathing speech on the Senate floor decrying the ‘swift boat’ style attacks on Jack Murtha. The floor speech has facilitated a bit of raging debate between Senator Jon Kyl and John Kerry. The back and forth was quite heated. The following is the text of Kerry’s floor speech: Mr. President, […]

John Kerry Responds to Sickening Republican Attacks on Decorated Veteran Rep. Jack Murtha

Rep. John (Jack) Murtha spoke his conscience on the Iraq situation yesterday at a press conference, and introduced “a bill today to start an “immediate redeployment” of U.S. troops out of Iraq, to be completed within six months. Republicans immediately went on the defensive by attempting to ‘swift boat’ Murtha. Republicans pounced, chastising Murtha for […]