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Kerry on The Situation Room: I’d have us in a ‘different place’

John Kerry made the rounds tonight (and last night) on both Hardball and CNN’s The Situation Room. He’s standing up and speaking his mind — and we’re liking it… The transcript to from The Situation Room is below… video later… Senator speaks on prewar intelligence, timetables, election plans A top House Democrat called for a […]

Kerry On Hardball: Bush ‘misled America’

John Kerry was on Hardball tonight: Senator plays Hardball on intelligence leading up to Iraq war. Here’s the transcript from tonight’s Hardball… (emphasis and links – mine)… Video later. Vice President Dick Cheney has attacked Democratic senators who voted for the war and are now opposed to it. One of those senators is John Kerry. […]

The White House Attacks Aren’t Working

There’s a great post on TedKennedy.com today – “The White House Attacks Aren’t Working,” that has quotes from the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe. Here’s a few quips: The White House in continuing its campaign of deception on the Iraq War. Having falsely claimed a connection between Iraq and the 9/11 attacks and manipulating […]

Senators Feinstein and Kerry Seek to Roll Back Tax Cuts for Millionaires

Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and John Kerry (D-Mass.) today sought to roll back tax cuts for millionaires until the budget deficit is eliminated, which could increase revenue to the federal treasury by more than $100 billion over five years. Sadly, the Feinstein-Kerry amendment to the tax reconciliation bill was defeated 40-59. When is the Senate […]

John Kerry Keeps Promises to Troops, Military Familes and Small Businesses

John Kerry has been working hard the past few months on legislation that would help the troops, their families and small businesses. The Senate adopted several amendments offered by Senator John Kerry, to the Defense Authorization Bill, which passed Tuesday. In addition to Kerry legislation that will strengthen small businesses and protect our troops and […]

TV Alert: Kerry on Hardball & Blitzer Tonight

John Kerry will be featured in one on one interviews on Iraq, tonight on both Hardball with Chris Matthews and The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer. The Situation Room airs at 7:00 pm est, Hardball also airs on 7:00 pm est. We’ll try to have video’s of both later tonight.

The Heat Is On: Dem Hawk Murtha Calls for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq

The Bush administration has been up in arms over the recent calls from Senate Democrats to change the course in Iraq. Cheney went on the offensive last night with a vile attack on John Kerry and other Democratic Senators in a speech filled with lies on rush to war in Iraq — Kerry’s response to […]

Feinstein – Eliminate Oil Drilling Tax Incentive Now!

Senator Feinstein Seeks to Repeal Drilling Incentive for Major Oil Companies Senator Dianne Feinstein of CA and nine other Senators today introduced an amendment to eliminate a tax incentive for major integrated oil and gas companies which allows them to get a credit for the costs of their exploration and development at a charge to […]