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Kerry Responds to the Senate Vote on Iraq – NPR Interview

In an interview on WBUR’s Here and Now (NPR) tonight, John Kerry responded to the vote on withdrawal from Iraq today on the Senate Floor. John Kerry on Senate Vote The U.S. Senate sent a strong message to President Bush today about the war in Iraq. Senators voted 79 to 19 in favor of a […]

Something in the Air: Senate Presses for Troop Withdrawal in Iraq

It must be something in the air, or perhaps the polls showing such bitter disapproval of Bush… Whatever it is the tide is turning against Bush more and more everyday. In a move that clearly shows Bush’s GOP base is slipping further, the Senate passed a bi-partisan resolution moving towards “concrete steps toward troop withdrawals […]

Kerry Takes Bush to Task on his Veteran’s Day Speech – Video

John Kerry delivered a fiery speech on the Senate Floor yesterday, taking Bush to task on his Veteran’s Day Speech. Kerry blasted Bush, on the lies he spewed in his speech, last Friday — from the rush to war based based on faulty intelligence data, to the spin Bush put on Kerry’s own statements, John […]

The Terror Within / Bush Plays Politics on Veterans Day

It’s obvious that George W. Bush’s Veteran’s Day speech struck a chord. Not the one he had hoped, it seems. Here’s a an Editorial from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which speaks rather bluntly about Bush’s speech: In one sense, the speech that President Bush made at an Army depot at Tobyhanna, Pa., on Veterans Day was […]

Congress Approves Over $40 Million to Strengthen Sacramento, CA Area Flood Control

Washington, DC – The U.S. Senate today approved the FY’06 Energy and Water Appropriations Conference Report, which includes $40.9 million to strengthen California levees and flood control. The bill, which has already been approved by the House of Representatives now goes to the President for his signature. It also includes $37 million for CALFED and […]