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Voters Don’t Want Congress Which Supports Bush Positions

There’s far too many polls showing Bush’s approval rating falling to even be news worthy enough to post them all any more. The latest CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll has Bush’s approval at 37%, which is in the middle of the current batch of polls which range between 35% and 39%. Only 28% of independents approve of […]

Kerry: Administration Must Fix Faulty Contract Data

Independent Analysis Casts Doubt on Administration’s Procurement Figures Today, Senator John Kerry sent a letter to the top federal contracting official asking what steps are being taken to monitor the collection of small-business contracting data in light of reports that the data is not accurate.

Kerry Takes Bush to Task on his Veteran’s Day Speech

John Kerry took Bush to task on his Veteran’s Day Speech, on the Senate Floor today. In a fiery rhetoric, Kerry blasted Bush today, on the lies he spewed in his speech, last Friday — from the rush to war based based on faulty intelligence data, to the spin Bush put on Kerry’s own statements, […]

C-SPAN Alert: Kerry to Respond to Bush Attacks

John Kerry will respond to Bush’s recent attacks on Democratic leaders on the Senate Floor in a short time … Kerry is set to address the War in Iraq and Prewar Intelligence. Tune in to C-SPAN 2 now. WASHINGTON – Today Senator John Kerry will make remarks on prewar intelligence and the war in Iraq. […]

9/11 Commissioners Fault Bush Administration

In a report today, reviewing last year’s action on recommendations made by the 9/11 commissionm, the 9/11 commission “criticized the Bush administration for not adopting standards for treatment of captured terror suspects.” The Bush administration was also given “a mixed review in a report on the commission’s key recommendations that were designed to help the […]

David Corn on Bush’s Rewriting of History on the IWR Vote

David Corn writes about how Bush is rewriting history when he claims that the IWR vote was a vote supporting his decision to invade Iraq. He refutes many of Bush’s recent statements on the war including “When I made the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, Congress approved it with strong bipartisan support.” Corn […]

This Isn’t the Real America

Jimmy Carter writes a compelling OP/ED in the LA Times today, stating “This isn’t the real America.” His concerns about the state of our nation, include policies that he feels threaten “many basic principles espoused by all previous administrations, Democratic and Republican.” The treat he says comes from “a host of radical government policies” — […]