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A Look at The Truth (with jokes) by Al Franken

It seems we’re in Book Review mode here on the The Democratic Daily tonight. Ron just posted a Salon Book Review below, that is worthy of a read (the book review perhaps more than the book). One of our readers pointed us to another review worth sharing — Al Franken’s new book, The Truth (withJokes). […]

GOP Agenda Floundering in Congress

The legislative agenda of the GOP is floundering in Congress. Moderate Republican Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine notes it’s the economy (stupid)… “We’re in a different economic environment,” said the Maine Republican, who so far has no Democratic challenger in her 2006 race. “We’ve had three back-to-back hurricanes” that have cost billions.

Daniel Ellsberg: Iraq Is Similar to Vietnam

Daniel Ellsberg spoke in NJ about the similarities between Iraq and Vietnam… The former Defense Department official who leaked secret documents about the Vietnam War said Saturday that he sees many similarities between that conflict and the one in Iraq.

John Edwards – “The Right Way in Iraq”, Seconding the Call

Ron posted the first quips from John Edwards OP/ED in the WaPo earlier tonight. It’s great to see John Edwards step up to the plate and second the call that John Kerry made recently to bring the troops home after the December election in Iraq. Edwards reiterates in his OP/ED what Kerry laid out first […]