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Senate Passes Kerry Amendment Demanding Accountability on Secret Prisons

As reported earlier today, John Kerry offered an amendment on the Senate Floor calling for “Reports on Clandestine Detention Facilities.” The amendment just passed… Kerry Legislative Victory Forces Administration to Facilitate Congressional Oversight In an overwhelming rebuke to the Bush administration’s attempt to hide alleged CIA secret prisons from Congress, the Senate voted 82-9 today […]

John Kerry Responds to Senator McCain’s Mischaracterization of His Iraq Plan

A short time ago, John Kerry offered a plan for success in Iraq on the Senate Floor. In his Floor Speech, Kerry responded to Senator McCain’s mischaracterization of the Kerry Iraq plan earlier today. In his speech today, Senator McCain failed to recognize concerns previously raised by senior U.S. military commanders and officials as outlined […]

Remarks of Senator John Kerry Introducing the Kerry Iraq Bill

The following is the text of John Kerry’s Floor Speech today introducing his amendment outlining withdrawal from Iraq: Mr. President, later today my Democratic colleagues and I will offer a critical amendment on Iraq. I am pleased to have worked on this amendment and to be a cosponsor. I look forward to participating in the […]

Kerry Introduces “Strategy for Success in Iraq Act” in United States Senate

Speaking a a short time ago on the Senate Floor, John Kerry Introduced the “Strategy for Success in Iraq Act.” The “Strategy for Success in Iraq Act” Would Bring Home 20,000 Troops After Iraq Elections and Demands Benchmarks for Success. Washington, D.C. — This afternoon, Senator John Kerry introduced in the Senate his plan to […]

John Kerry Offers Amendment to Require Reports on Clandestine Detention Facilities

Senator John Kerry just offered an amendment on the Senate floor demanding reports to Congress on the CIA’s now-public secret prisons in Eastern Europe. Here’s a breakdown of the amendment: Purpose: To require reports on clandestine facilities for the detention of individuals captured in the global war on terrorism. The amendment does not shut them […]

C-Span Alert: Kerry to Give Floor Speech on Iraq

C-Span Alert: John Kerry will be giving a Floor Speech on Iraq later today … Kerry is on now demanding reports to Congress on the CIA’s now-public secret prisons in Eastern Europe – Update: I will post more soon on Kerry’s upcoming floor speech on Irag later today –

Protect Online Freedom of Speech

There has a ongoing movement for a while to protect the Freedom of Speech of bloggers. That freedom of speech is under threat in the Congress. Please help Bloggers protect their Freedom of Speech… Right now – there are TWO bills in Congress that will affect bloggers – one good, one bad. The bill that […]

John Kerry on the Republican Leadership’s Failure to Ram ANWR Drilling through House of Representatives

George Bush and the Republican leadership in Congress have failed to twist enough arms and intimidate enough moderate Republicans to sneak through Congress the alpha and omega of big oil giveaways – drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. It’s testimony to the President’s slumping political standing that he can no longer force the Republican Party to walk the plank in grudging support of a blatant special interest giveaway that vast majorities of Americans oppose.