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House Drops Arctic Drilling From Budget Bill

Tonight, House leaders dropped the attempt to push through the hotly contested plan to open up the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. The fear was that the plan would jeopardize the approval of the budget bill on Thursday. Also dropped from the budget plan was a proposal to “allow states to authorize oil […]

Waxman Urges Chalabi Hearing

Today, Rep. Henry Waxman asked Rep. Chris Shays to cancel tomorrow’s scheduled private briefing with Iraqi official Ahmed Chalabi and instead hold a public hearing where Mr. Chalabi can be questioned about his role in misleading the United States about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Here’s the text of Waxman’s letter to Shays:

Arctic Refuge Oil Drilling Goes to House Vote Today

It’s sad to see that this has to come so far… For 25 years, environmentalists have staved off drilling in an oil-rich, 1.5-million-acre stretch of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a wilderness that shelters birthing caribou as well as musk oxen and millions of migratory birds. But record-high gasoline prices and last year’s electoral gains […]

Kerry-led Committee Helps Elect Democrats Across the Country

The 2005 elections demonstrated the strength of the Democratic Party and our vision for a stronger America,” Kerry continued. “Voters rejected the divisive, dishonest politics of the Republican Party and President Bush. They are tired of the failed leadership and misplaced priorities in Washington under one party-rule.

Dianne Feinstein on the Results of California’s Special Election

Last night, every one of Governor Schwarzenegger’s initiatives went up in smoke. The following is statement from Senator Dianne Feinstein on the results of the CA Special Election: “I cannot remember a California election where virtually every measure on the ballot went down. This is the most significant ‘no vote’ in modern political California history, […]

CA Rejects the Governator’s Props

Results are still coming in for the CA Special Election, but there are some clear victories AGAINST Arhnold’s Propositions tonight: ** Rejected – Prop 76: Cap state spending, give governor more power to make budget cuts. ** Rejected – Prop 77: Shift power over redistricting from lawmakers to a panel of retired judges. ** Rejected […]