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More on the Santos-Vinick Debate

Now that the Santos-Vinick debate has aired nation-wide on West Wing, I’ll add some highlights. Santos’ suggestion for health care was to allow those under 65 to join Medicare, as he explained how much more cost effective care is under Medicare than under any private plan (despite Republican claims as to how inefficient the government […]

Those Amazing Republican Doctors in the Senate

I must have missed all the best classes in med school. Bill Frist learned how to make a diagnosis off a video tape without examining the patient (not that he did it all that accurately in the Terry Schiavo case). Now I find that Senator Coburn learned something which I missed from this exchange on […]

The Santos-Vinick Live Debate

West Wing aired a live debate between Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick. As those of on the west coast have not seen it yet I will not say much except to point out a few highlights to hopefully spark your interest. Kerry supporters will appreciate how Santos responds to having made a statement that he […]

Kerry’s Long Standing Opposition to Bush’s War

I haven’t gotten around to watching yet, but from on line reports I understand that the latest anti-Kerry talking point on today’s Sunday news shows is to claim Kerry is opposing Bush on the war based upon the polls. Such accusations totally ignore Kerry’s long-standing opposition to Bush’s policies. In criticizing Bush, Kerry is doing […]

Time Expects Rove to Leave

Time continues the speculation that Karl Rove, and others, are on the way out of the White House: Karl Rove’s colleagues don’t know exactly when it will happen, but they are already laying out the reasons they will give for the departure of the man President George W. Bush dubbed the architect. A Roveless Bush […]

Senator Kennedy on the Meet The Press

Senator Ted Kennedy will be on Meet The Press Sunday morning: A big week in Washington: On Monday the President announced a new nomination for the Supreme Court. On Tuesday, Democratic leaders shut down the U.S. Senate for a rare closed session to demand answers on pre-war intelligence. Now, both parties are squaring off on […]

Jimmy Carter on Intelligent Design

Jimmy Carter was asked about the debate over the teaching of evolution during an interview on NPR’s Morning edition last week. The full interview is posted in the Kerry Reference Library. INSKEEP: Mr. President, I want to ask about one political issue–a religious issue that’s also a political issue, has been made one, one that […]

Kerry Stumps in NH for Mayoral Candidate, Talks Faith and More…

John Kerry was in New Hampshire Saturday to stump for Manchester Mayor Bob Baines. Baines is running for re-election. Speaking at a rally for Baines, Kerry talked about faith and budgets. Particularly, the budget passed by the Republican controled Senate on Thursday. Kerry said the cuts proposed in the budget will reduce funds for police, […]