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Deciphering Jimmy Carter

I was rather bewildered yesterday by the statements Jimmy Carter made recently about last year’s campaign and religion. I wasn’t the only one who found them confusing. Todd at Article of Faith does a great job deciphering them here.

Leahy Joins Kerry’s Call for 20,000 Troops Home from Iraq by the Holidays

Senator Patrick Leahy joined Senator John Kerry’s call to bring 20,000 troops home from Iraq by the holidays, after successful December elections, at a meeting with the media today in Barre, Vermont. The two Senators who both gave speeches recently about the need to change course in Iraq called on Bush to put forward a specific plan to transfer power to the Iraqis and start bringing the troops home by 2006.

Wilkerson on How Dick Cheney Promoted Torture

Larry Wilkinson discussed Dick Cheney’s role in the Iraq War, including the torture of detainees, in an interview on NPR’s Morning Edition earlier this week. Following is the full transcript: Morning Edition (NPR) 11-03-2005 Interview: Larry Wilkerson discusses Cheney’s role in Iraq War STEVE INSKEEP, host: Not many former officials of the Bush administration have […]