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John Kerry: It’s Now or NEVER to Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

John Kerry sent out an action alert email today from JohnKerry.com. There’s an upcoming vote on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the Senate and the House next week. Please do your part to help… It’s now or never if we want to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and the White House and Republican […]

Harry Reid, “Master of the Rules,” Seizes the Day

You’ve got to give Harry Reid credit. He often seems so mild-mannered but there was nothing mild-mannered in his shut down of the Senate today. While the MSM is often slack on the job, this headline from MSNBC is priceless – “Harry Reid sparks a dramatic Senate standoff, On quiet Indian summer afternoon, Democrats spring […]

John Kerry on Closed-Door Senate Session and Senate Failures to Investigate Pre-War Intelligence

For a year and a half, the Republican leadership in Congress has refused again and again to complete Phase II of their investigation into pre-war intelligence failures. All the requests I and other Senators have made of the Intelligence Committee for more information have been pushed aside.

Harry Reid Shuts Down the Senate

Harry Reid is mad as hell… and apparently, he’s not going to take it anymore… Democrats forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session for just more than two hours Tuesday, questioning intelligence that President Bush used in the run-up to the war in Iraq and accusing Republicans of ignoring the issue.

Rove: Guilty, Guilty, Guilty according to Cooper

In contrast to their pre-election coverage, as discussed by Pamela earlier, it is a shame there weren’t more news reports which are this clear cut. Besides making clear the role of Rove and Libby in revealing Plame’s identity, it ads credence to other reports that Rove remains at risk of indictment. Time Reporter Says He […]

How the Mainstream Media Got Bush Re-elected – And Screwed America

Columnists in today‚Äôs Boston Globe, L.A. Times, and Washington Post all have pieces that make it very clear that Patrick Fitzgerald had the goods to indict White House aides for obstructing justice in the CIA leak case as of October of last year. Each one of the columnists notes that the MSM was complicit in […]

Rove Watch

More signs Rove remains at risk of indictment from The Washington Post: Rove remains a focus of the CIA leak probe. He has told friends it is possible he still will be indicted for providing false statements to the grand jury. “Everyone thinks it is over for Karl and they are wrong,” a source close […]