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Bush: We’re Not Going to Cut and Run

Speaking in El Paso, TX earlier today Bush once again reiterated his worn out “We’re not going to cut and run” line. (Listen to Bush mouthing his worn out line here.) In a bit of an about face from the recent echoes from the Pentagon that an exit strategy is in the works, Bush made […]

Bush – Slouching Toward Withdrawal

Thomas Oliphant takes a look at the differences between the Iraq plans in his column today as he tells us that Bush is “Slouching toward withdrawal.” AMONG THE ”benchmarks,” the dates certain, and the dates uncertain for the withdrawal of US forces from the mess President Bush has made of Iraq, there are two important […]

More Secrecy from Cheney’s Office

Vice President Dick Cheney has become known as one who likes to keep secrets. In 2001, when Cheney set up his White House Energy Task Force which facilitated our national energy policy, Cheney refused to disclose the names of oil company and other energy company executives who attended the meetings. More recently we’ve learned that […]

Former Powell Aide Calls Cheney Moron, Idiot, or Bastard

More criticism of Bush and Cheney from Lawrence Wilkerson: WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff says President Bush was “too aloof, too distant from the details” of post-war planning, allowing underlings to exploit Bush’s detachment and make bad decisions. In an Associated Press interview Monday, former Powell chief of staff […]

Teresa Heinz Kerry Defends Murtha

Teresa Heinz Kerry Assault on Murtha should alarm us all The Tribune-Democrat “Because we in Congress are charged with sending our sons and daughters into battle, it is our responsibility, our obligation, to speak out for them. That’s why I am speaking out.” – U.S. Rep. John Murtha, Nov. 17, “War In Iraq.” U.S. Rep. […]

The Culture of Corruption – Republican Style

With the fresh guilty plea from Duke Cunningham today, the WaPo is reporting how “corporations and other wealthy interests have made ever-larger campaign contributions, gifts and sponsored trips part of the culture of Capitol Hill.” Please… Let’s call it what it is, the Culture of Corruption – Republican Style. …the commingling of money and politics […]

Gov. Warner Wants to be Part of the Iraq Debate

In a move that clearly sounded like a man entering the 2008 presidential race, Gov. Mark Warner offered his two cents on the Iraq debate today. The United States needs to set milestones for progress, not a firm withdrawal date, before it can leave Iraq, Virginia governor and prospective Democratic presidential candidate Mark Warner said […]

Kerry’s 1971 Words: How Sadly They Apply to Iraq

Bob Geiger’s has a post on his Yellow Dog Blog that shows the parallels of John Kerry’s April 22, 1971, Fulbright Commisssion testimony to the current situation in Iraq. What is both amazing and profoundly sad is to read back through Kerry’s entire narrative, as I did over the weekend, and see the startling parallels […]