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Corporate Doublespeak from Oil Execs as Execs Deny Misleading Congress

Senator Frank Lautenberg is NOT happy with some responses released today from the big five oil execs, to questions from Senators Pete Domenici and Jeff Bingaman. It seems that “Five oil industry executives acknowledged frequent company contacts with government officials to discuss energy issues but insisted they had responded truthfully at a recent Senate hearing […]

Kerry and Reed Respond to Bush’s Speech on Iraq

Senators John Kerry and Jack Reed held a press conference this morning after Bush’s speech on Iraq. During the press conference, Kerry and Reed both “said they were disappointed by Bush’s plan, which they said fell short on specifics and ignored basic realities in Iraq.” For anyone who missed the Kerry/Reed press conference, a complete […]

Gary Hart: John Kerry’s October Speech on Iraq, Was a Turning Point

In an email this morning from JohnKerry.com, sent after Bush’s speech on Iraq, Gary Hart spoke out about John Kerry’s plan for Iraq and asked supporters to continue to speak out. Here’s the text: “The public trust must be earned, and speaking clearly, candidly and forcefully now about the mess in Iraq is the place […]

Notes from the Kerry/Reed Press Conference on Bush’s Speech

John Kerry and Jack Reed responded to Bush’s “strategy for victory in Iraq” speech this morning in a press conference. Here are some of the notable points from the press conference: Senator Jack Reed noted that Bush wasn’t candid; he failed to articulate his plan for victory and he failed to offer details. “I was […]

John Kerry, Jack Reed to Hold Press Conference on Iraq Tomorrow

George W. Bush is scheduled to give another speech on Iraq tomorrow (at 9:45 a.m., est), before a captive audience. As I noted below, Bush has already made it clear today, that “We’re not going to cut and run.” So, it appears we can expect another staged photo-op of Bush posturing with the troops in […]

Hillary Speaks on Iraq, Defends Her Iraq Vote

Today, Hillary Clinton defended her Iraq vote. She stopped short of saying her vote was a mistake, as others have in recent weeks. Hillary spoke up “amid growing unease among liberal Democrats who could determine the potential 2008 presidential candidate’s future.” “I take responsibility for my vote, and I, along with a majority of Americans, […]

Bush: We’re Not Going to Cut and Run

Speaking in El Paso, TX earlier today Bush once again reiterated his worn out “We’re not going to cut and run” line. (Listen to Bush mouthing his worn out line here.) In a bit of an about face from the recent echoes from the Pentagon that an exit strategy is in the works, Bush made […]

Bush – Slouching Toward Withdrawal

Thomas Oliphant takes a look at the differences between the Iraq plans in his column today as he tells us that Bush is “Slouching toward withdrawal.” AMONG THE ”benchmarks,” the dates certain, and the dates uncertain for the withdrawal of US forces from the mess President Bush has made of Iraq, there are two important […]