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John Kerry Interview with Alan Colmes

After watching John Kerry’s speech at Georgetown just a while ago on C-Span, I moved on to watch the video of Alan Colmes interviewing John Kerry. It was far better than I anticipated… Watch the interview here. The transcript is available here. Here’s a quip from the interview…

C-Span Alert: John Kerry – “The Path Forward”

John Kerry’s speech “The Path Forward” will be broadcast at 12:38 AM EDT on C-Span1. And again at 04:11 AM EDT – C-Span1.

NPR: Kerry Urges Troop Withdrawals Post-Iraq Elections

All Things Considered on NPR will air an interview with John Kerry on his speech earlier today, the audio for this story will be available at approx. 7:30 p.m. ET All Things Considered, October 26, 2005 · Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) calls on President Bush to start major withdrawals of troops from Iraq if the […]

Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Elimination of Federal Funding for Nuclear Bunker Buster

Last night I posted that the Bush administration has dropped efforts for the nuclear bunker buster program from the Energy Department’s fiscal 2006 budget. The following is a statement from Senator Dianne Feinstein on that announcement: “I was heartened to hear that Senator Pete Domenici announced that the FY 2006 Energy and Water Appropriations bill […]

Kerry Offers Specific Starting Point for Iraq Withdrawal

The news coverage of John Kerry’s Iraq speech at Georgetown U is starting to hit this wires… Reuters reports on John Kerry’s speech today: “A number of Democrats and some Republicans have called on Bush to provide a plan for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq, but few have suggested a specific starting point.” Kerry… said […]

Judiciary Committee May Probe Miers’ Lottery Days

The Senate Judiciary Committee may seek testimony from Lawrence Littwin, the “former Texas lottery official who claimed Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers let a company keep its contract because one of its lobbyists helped President Bush get into the National Guard in the 1960s.” Miers, whose confirmation hearings begin Nov. 7, chaired the three-person Texas […]

Grand Jury in CIA Leak Case Adjourns, No Indictments Today

Still waiting… The federal grand jury investigating the leak of a CIA officer’s identity met for three hours Wednesday with Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald and his deputies, adjourning for the day without announcing any action.

John Kerry – “The Path Forward”

The following is an advance copy of the full text of John Kerry’s speech today at Georgetown University: “The Path Forward” Georgetown University October 26, 2005 A few weeks ago I departed Iraq from Mosul. Three Senators and staff were gathered in the forward part of a C-130. In the middle of the cavernous cargo […]