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Dianne Feinstein on Harriet Miers

Statement by Senator Feinstein issued the following statement today regarding the news on Harriet Miers and the abortion issue: “Today, I received a copy of the April 11, 1989, questionnaire submitted by Texans United For Life to Harriet Miers during her campaign for the Dallas City Council and her responses to these questions. The answers […]

Dianne Feinstein: President’s Tax Panel Offers a Bad Deal for California

Senator Dianne Feinsteinreleased the following statement today regarding Bush’s Tax Panel proposals: “The proposal by the President’s Tax Panel today to cap mortgage deductions at approximately $350,000 would be devastating for states like California where real estate values have skyrocketed and affordability is at its lowest levels. This proposal does not simply affect a small […]

Bono Joins House and Senate Democrats in the Capitol

(Click on photo for hi-resolution image.) U2 lead singer and DATA co-founder Bono joins House and Senate Democrats in the Capitol on Tuesday (Oct. 18, 2005) to urge Congress to appropriate $3.6 billion to fully fund America’s commitments to global AIDS for FY06, including $600 million for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and […]

Feinstein Urges Forest Service to Address Huge Shortfall In Forest Fire Funding for Southern California

Hurricane Katrina showed us that our country is completely unprepared for natural disasters, let alone any sort of terrorist attack. Earlier today I reported on a letter from Senators Boxer and Feinstein regrading preparations for a major earthquake in California. Senator Dianne Feinstein today also urged the U.S. Forest Service to provide additional federal funding […]

Kerry and Kennedy Urge President Bush to Fully Fund LIHEAP

Today, Senators John Kerry and Edward M. Kennedy sent the following letter to President Bush urging him to fully fund LIHEAP to help families who will struggle with rising home heating costs this winter. Kerry will join with his colleagues, Senators Reed, Collins, Kennedy and others, in offering the amendment to fully fund LIHEAP later […]

Can a Vice President by Indicted?

With all the implications of Cheney being involved in PlameGate, an interesting question arises: Can a Vice President by Indicted? The WaPo’s Dan Froomkin calls the question “ridiculous“, but says, “Yes. Technically and legally, a sitting vice president can be indicted. In fact, there’s a precedent.” Not long after he killed Alexander Hamilton in their […]

California Unprepared for Major Earthquake

Concerned that the Bush Administration may be unprepared for a major California earthquake, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer today was joined by Senator Dianne Feinstein (both D-CA) to renew Barbara Boxer’s call for the President to release FEMA’s disaster recovery plan for a potential California earthquake. Barbara Boxer’s intial letter letter was sent to Bush on […]

Waxman: The Reconstruction of Iraq

A new report released today by Henry Waxman’s GRMO, The Reconstruction of Iraq, “finds that the reconstruction efforts have consistently failed to meet the objectives set by the Administration two years ago. ” Two years ago, the Bush Administration asked Congress to appropriate over $20 billion for reconstruction efforts in Iraq. At the time, Administration […]