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Psst, Maria, There’s Poverty in CA

Maria Shriver missed the point when she donned her journalist cap for Oprah and “traveled to Virginia and Kentucky to interview families living in poverty.” It’s “a worthy issue for any journalist to highlight,” notes a SacBee editorial today, but it’s one that Maria could have covered at home and she could even “invite her […]

Last Best Chance to Air on HBO Tonight

Get the TIVO’s ready. Last night I reported on a documentary airing on PBS tonight: Two Days in October. Also premiering tonight on HBO is Last Best Chance. I’ve seen this one, too. It’s powerful, it’s thought provoking, it’s a wake up call. Last Best Chance was produced with support from the Nuclear Threat Initiative. […]

DeLay to Be Booked – No Special Treatment

Tom DeLay is set to be booked in a Texas county jail this week with no special Treatment, despite attempts by his lawyer to avoid fingerprinting and a mug shot. DeLay’s arraignment is set for Friday before state district Judge Bob Perkins in Travis County, Texas. “Perkins believes that if God was charged with a […]

Rove and Libby Will Resign if Indicted

It looks like all of Bush’s flip flopping over how he would handle the leakers may not matter. As I would have predicted, Rove and Libby plan to resign if indicted according to Time: Karl Rove has a plan, as always. Even before testifying last week for the fourth time before a grand jury probing […]

Cheney Possibly Implicated in Plame Leak

Bloomberg reports further speculation that Dick Cheney, along with Karl Rove and Lewis Libby, is a target of the Fitzgerald’s investigation into the Plame leak: A special counsel is focusing on whether Vice President Dick Cheney played a role in leaking a covert CIA agent’s name, according to people familiar with the probe that already […]

Dobson Told Miers Will Vote to Overturn Roe v. Wade

The Wall Street Journal reports on a conference call which reveals why Dobson has backed Harriet Miers. Reportedly he was told she would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade: According to the notes of the call, Mr. Dobson introduced them by saying, “Karl Rove suggested that we talk with these gentlemen because they can confirm […]