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Libby Could Face Obstruction Charges

The latest news on PlameGate and the Judy Miller/Libby Lewis connection is Libby ” could face obstruction charges over whether he tried to shape a New York Times reporter’s testimony about the outing of a covert CIA operative, people close to the case said on Sunday.” WEIGHING CHARGES Legal sources said Rove could be vulnerable […]

Two Days in October – A Look Back to 1967

PBS is airing a documentary tomorrow night, October 17th that is well worth watching: Two Days in October. I received a screening copy of the documentary the other day and finally sat down to watch it last night. It’s hard not to reflect on the parallels of the what is happening now in our country […]

A Reality Check for Joan Vennochi

In today’s Boston Globe, Joan Vennochi, known for spewing venom about John Kerry, writes that John Kerry needs a reality check. What’s interesting about Vennochi’s column today is she makes a big deal about Hillary and an upcoming fundraising event in Boston and makes a veiled claim that this means something in terms of support […]

NY Times Endorses Jon Corzine for Governor of NJ

The NY Times has endorsed Jon Corzine for Governor of New Jersey, today. Editorial: For Governor of New Jersey Published: October 16, 2005 Given the mounting problems in New Jersey, one can only marvel that anyone of intelligence wants to be governor. Property taxes are among the highest in the country. The state budget faces […]