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Our Holy-Roller-in-Chief

Derrick Z. Jackson has an OP/ED in today’s Boston Globe that is worth noting particularly for the moniker he pinned on George W. Bush. It’s so fitting… Beyond the moniker Jackson points out Bush’s intentions for faith-based initiatives, and other manipulations of faith on the American public in the Bush agenda. BY THE TIME our […]

John Kerry’s Statement on Passing of Dr. C. DeLores Tucker

Last night I posted John Kerry’s statement on the passing of Vivian Malone Jones. I would be remiss to not post this statement from John Kerry, as well on the passing of another civil rights leader, Dr. C. DeLores: 10/13/2005 Washington, DC – “Yesterday America lost one of the great citizen leaders of the 20th […]

Judy Can’t Recall?

I find this hard to fathom… Notes by the New York Times’ Judith Miller that were turned over in a criminal investigation contain the name of a covert CIA officer, but the reporter has told prosecutors she cannot recall who disclosed the name, the newspaper reported Saturday.