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Kerry, New England Senators Call on Bush Administration to Increase Energy Assistance for Low Income Families, Seniors

I’ve been following the developments on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) funding issues in the wake of the high oil prices and today there were a couple of stories on that, that should be noted… First is a story in the Boston Globe that reports that the “Bush administration has endorsed a […]

John Kerry on the Passing of Vivian Malone Jones

Senator John Kerry issued the following statement on the passing of Vivian Malone Jones: “Today we live in an America where we can take it for granted when millions of African Americans register for college classes without facing death threats. It’s too easy for some to forget a very different time in America when two […]

Another Criminal Investigation? U.S. Attorney Eyes Education Department Deal

Could there be another criminal investigation in the works for the Bush administration? It does appear so. AP News is reporting that “Investigators at the Education Department have contacted the U.S. attorney’s office regarding the Bush administration’s hiring of commentator Armstrong Williams to promote its agenda.”

Caught on Tape – Washington Post Round Up of Bush’s Staged Event

The WaPo’s Washington Briefing has a full round up of the videoconference debacle yesterday. From TV, to Radio to Print, Dan Froomkin covers the consensus on the staged event that the MSM gave full disclosure on… The ultimate irony was that after all that rehearsing — and maybe because of that rehearsing — the event […]

John Kerry Requests $720 Million for Small Business Hurricane Relief

John Kerry led a bipartisan group of Senators today in “urging the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to redirect $720 million of the $62 billion already appropriated by Congress for the hurricane recovery effort. The funding would be designated specifically for small business relief.” Since Hurricane Katrina hit, the Small Business Administration […]

E. J. Dionne: That Was a Short War on Poverty

Sure talking about poverty isn’t as sexy as talking about corruption, cronyism and scandals, but guess what — many of those issues of corruption, cronyism and scandals revolve in one way or another around the economy — either directly or indirectly. We all know people affected by poverty. We all think it stinks. Let’s not drop the ball and forget that liberals are the champions of the little people.

John Kerry Says No on Proposition 75

Yesterday, I reported on an event here in Los Angeles with John Kerry. He was here to lend his voice and support against Proposition 75. The following is a statement from John Kerry on his opposition to Prop. 75: Washington, DC – John Kerry stood with California’s firefighters, teachers and nurses today to announce his […]

Bush Administration Proposes New Laws to Allow Dirtiest Power Plants to Pollute More

Global Warming be damned… take a few deep breaths while you can (unless you live in a big city), because if the Bush administration has their way, soon more pollutants will be spewing into the air in effort to help fatten the profits for Bush’s energy industry pals. The Bush administration proposed new regulations Thursday […]