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John Kerry Campaigns Against Prop. 75 in Los Angeles

John Kerry was in Los Angeles today with Mayor Antonia Villaraigosa to support the fight against the Governator’s Proposition 75. Proposition 75 is a ballot initiative on union dues that could end up depriving union members and working people of having a say in California politics. It would require public employee unions to seek written […]

Bush Seen as Unsuccessful

A new poll released today says that Bush is seen as an unsuccessful president. I’ve said here a few times he’s moved beyond lame duck status. I believe the Bush presidency has become a cooked goose. Today’s staged, rehearsed press op with the troops in Iraq, sort of shut the oven door on the already […]

Brian Williams Slams the Dress Rehersal

Brian Williams tells it like it happened – today’s dress rehersal before the scheduled telecasted Bush rally with the troops in Iraq… Watch the MSNBC Video here My day, at least editorially, started just after I’d chosen a spot on the couch for the 9:30 a.m. editorial daily planning meeting. I arrived early and was […]

Prosecutor Subpoenas DeLay Phone Records

Breaking news from AP: A Texas prosecutor subpoenaed records for the home telephone of former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and the phone of his political campaign Thursday. Also subpoenaed by prosecutor Ronnie Earle were records for two numbers for DeLay’s daughter, Danielle DeLay Ferro.

Kerry: “It’s time for the SBA to start doing their job instead of just talking about it.”

Senator John Kerry released the following statement today on the Small Business Administration’s role in Hurricane Reconstruction: “It’s time for the SBA to start doing their job instead of just talking about it.” Here’s the entire statement from John Kerry, ranking Democrat on the Senate Small Business Committee: “It’s time for the SBA to start […]

Kerry To Give Props in Los Angeles Today

From CNN’s The Situation Room: 2004 Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry makes a swing through California today to campaign against Proposition 75, a measure on the November 2005 special election ballot that would limit the use of employee union dues for political activity. Kerry will announce his opposition to “paycheck protection” measure at a Los […]

GOP Scrapes the Bottom of the Barrel for Opponent to Kennedy

The GOP has scraped the bottom of the barrel looking for an opponent to Ted Kennedy in the 2006 Senatorial Race in MA. So far, the GOP has not been able to find anyone with the gumption to give it a go. Kennedy is a formidable candidate who is too well ensconced in his position […]