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David Brooks on Why Conservatives Oppose Miers

With the White House being unlikely to provide any documents written by Harriet Miers writen while working for the President she considers the most intelligent man she ever met, we are limited to reviewing her older writings. David Brooks provides some examples and argues that “nothing excuses sentences like this:” “More and more, the intractable […]

CIA Report Shows Bush Ignored Prewar Intelligence

USA Today has another report tells us what we already knew about Iraq. Maybe, with Bush’s declining popularity, the general public will pay attention this time. CIA review faults prewar plans By John Diamond, USA TODAY WASHINGTON — A newly released report published by the CIA rebukes the Bush administration for not paying enough attention […]

Ted Kennedy: I’ll Support Kerry in 2008 Race

Today, the senior Senator from MA, Ted Kennedy, added more speculation to the 2008 presidential race… Sen. Edward Kennedy said Wednesday he would back fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 even if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton also pursues a White House bid. “If he runs, I would support him,” […]

Kerry Fights to Get Small Businesses Fair Share of Gulf Coast Recovery Contracts

Today, John F. Kerry sent a letter to the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA) urging him to do more to ensure small businesses are awarded contracts related to Hurricane Katrina rebuilding efforts. Citing recent reports showing that over 90 percent of prime contracting dollars were given to companies from outside the affected area […]

Miers’ Key Supporters

While it seems that virtually everyone, left and right, objects to the Harriet Miers nomination she has one base of support. The one group that Republicans are guaranteed to serve, big business, supports her. The Christian Science Monitor looks at Miers’s support in the business community. “Not since Richard Nixon tapped Lewis Powell in 1971 […]

Bush Admits to Chosing Court Nominee Based Upon Religion

No surprise, but perhaps the fallout will be interesting. Maybe this will stimulate a discussion of the separation fo church and state. This just came in: Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com: BUSH: RELIGIOUS BELIEFS OF HARRIET MIERS ARE PART OF THE REASON HE PICKED HER FOR SUPREME COURT Update: AP has the following quote: “People are […]

Weeds on Iraq

Weeds had an amusing discussion of the Iraq war with a clueless Bush supporter defending the war. You must watch this for the final answer as to why he likes Bush. Keep in mind the name of the show and prepare for a good laugh. Crooks and Liars has a clip.

Today’ Quiz: Woman Presidents

There is talk of either Hillary or Condi becoming a nominee for President in 2008, with some questioning if a woman can be elected President. On television, the route for women to become President is to succeed a male President who dies in office. Today’s question is to identify the first woman to succeed to […]