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Cheney a PlameGate Target?

The buzz earlier was that Fitzgerald was going after Scooter Libby… however… PoliticalWire has it from the Huffington Post that Cheney is now the target: The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg are working on stories that point to Vice President Dick Cheney as the target of special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation into the leaking of […]

Bush with Hammer in Hand has Another Photo-Op Moment

This morning George W and Laura Bush had their hands full posing for photo op moments in Covington, Louisiana with a Habitat for Humanity crew, after their gourmet dinner and sleep over in a luxury hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans, last night. “I got a hammer – can I help?”

The U2/Santorum Controversy Continues: DATA Issues a Statement on Behalf of Bono

The controversy about the Santorum Fundraiser at an upcoming U2 concert has made it’s way around the blogosphere and many liberals are up in arms, including myself. Hat Tip to Crooks and Liars (again), Santorum Exposed and Joe Trippi (hopefully I haven’t missed anyone in the hat tip list) for this statement from DATA (debt […]

Santorum Slammed Bono and U2 but Has No Qualms Fronting a Fundraiser at a U2 Concert

A little more today on Rick Santorum and the U2 “fundraiser” I reported on in a post last night. Hat tip again to Capitol Buzz Blog for this find: …in his book, It Takes A Family, Santorum describes Bono as satanic and ties U2 to the liberal view of society that Senator Rick hates so […]

Santorum Makes Excuse for Vile Comments of ’03

Hat tip to Crooks and Liars for picking up on a blog post about a recent interview with Rick Santorum as he makes more excuses for his vile “man on dog” thing. CapitolBuzz Blog points to an interview with interview with the DC Examiner newspaper From the DC Examiner EXAMINER: You have made some controversial […]

Family Feels Misled by Marine Recruiter

Here’s a a few quips from a story that reveals a sad statement on the truth about military recruiters and the bill of goods they are selling our high school students… Family feels misled by recruiter Kingston student to be sent to Iraq KINGSTON — Brian Shepard thought he had the perfect plan: a special […]