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Bush Stays in Luxury New Orleans Hotel… While Many Still Suffer

Well ain’t this something… thousands of people are homeless from Hurricane Katrina, the Davis-Bacon Act has been rescinded to allow Haliburton to make a few extra billion, while rebuilding New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, FEMA still can’t get their act together to provide housing for the homeless and George W. Bush, “dines at a […]

Bono and U2 Sell Out for (or Used By) Santorum

I’m speechless and utterly disappointed in Bono and U2. For all the liberal causes that Bono and U2 have stood up for over the years that they could sell out to Rick Santorum and perform at a fundraiser for him, is absolutely ludicrous and so disappointing. Santorum met Bono earlier this year, having been introduced […]

Casey Bypasses Santorum in Fund-Raising

A sign of the times… and a sign of the fall of Rick (man on dog) Santorum… Republican Sen. Rick Santorum’s leading Democratic challenger (Bob Casey) raised thousands more than the incumbent in the three-month quarter that ended Friday.

Kerry Still Plugging for Energy Assistance for the Poor

Earlier today, I posted a thread about the defeat of the Kerry Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Amendment last Thursday. AP News is reporting that John Kerry is not letting this rest. It’s unthinkable to me, that Republicans do not see the need to increase funds for energy program to help the poor […]

Using Our Leverage: The Troops

Senator Carl Levin writes in an OP/ED today in the Washington Post that “We must use that leverage — the possibility of an American withdrawal — to achieve the broad-based political settlement that is essential for defeating the insurgency.”
When I read Senator Levin’s OP/ED late last night, it downed on me that I had heard a similar suggestion in the past… from John Kerry on June 28, 2005:

A Cruel Vote By Senate Republicans Slipped by Last Week

Bob Geiger of the Yellow Dog Blog has a follow up on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) vote last Thursday, which for all intents and purposes SHOULD have passed. Here’s a few quips from Bob’s post: I wrote on Thursday about an under-the-radar Senate vote that happened the previous week, in which […]