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The Wage Gap

Yesterday, I posted an OP/ED from Teresa Heinz Kerry, The Retirement Gap. Heinz Kerry noted the retirement gap between men and women. An OP/ED in today’s Boston Globe takes a deeper look at the wage gap, still looming after all these years. Here’s a few quips: If you are a woman working full time, you […]

More Kerry News in Iowa

More news from John Kerry’s visit to Iowa today… Massachusetts Senator John Kerry made his way through Iowa Sunday making stops in Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, and Des Moines. Johnson County Democrats packed Elizabeth Tate High School in Iowa City, rallying the troops for upcoming elections. They also welcomed back a frequent visitor from last […]

Kerry Stumps in Cedar Rapids for City Council Candidate

Busy day for John Kerry today in Iowa, here’s the news from Cedar Rapids… Watch the video here. Senator John Kerry visited Cedar Rapids Sunday, but this time he wasn’t campaigning for himself. He was in town to support a candidate for the Cedar Rapids city council. Senator Kerry visited Iowa many times when he […]

John Kerry Helps Raise Money For Women Candidates In Iowa

From the news in Des Moines, IA… Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry is urging Democratic activists to use next year’s midterm election to reshape the national debate on values. Kerry said he nearly accomplished just that as the Democratic presidential nominee last year and is eager for the debate.