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Alito is Mighty Scary

Nothing could be scarier this Halloween than the nomination of Samuel “Scalito” Alito to the Supreme Court. Where do we start with the bad news on Alito? Knightridder reports, “Many of Alito’s rulings have been at odds with Supreme Court.” Samuel Alito once wrote that employees who allege sex discrimination ought to have a tougher […]

National Security Agency Has Been Blocking Article that Raises Question on Vietnam War

The release of an article that raises questions about a disputed attack that was used to escalate the Vietnam War has been blocked by The National Security Agency. According to a researcher who has requested the article, there are lessons to be learned to prevent similar escalations to war. Notably is the comparison to “overstated […]

Senator Kennedy Delivers A Eulogy for Rosa Parks

From TedKennedy.com: “Last night the nation paused to pay tribute to Rosa Parks, whose life and dedication to equal opportunity for each and every American will be forever written in the heart and souls of the nation and in the pages of our history. The light that shone in the Capitol last night cast its […]

Joe Wilson says “Fire Rove”

Joe Wilson spoke at the National Press Club today and called on Bush to fire Karl Rove. Wilson “said Bush’s closest political advisor should pay for his alleged role in the drama which saw the identity of his wife, CIA spy Valerie Plame, leaked to the media.” “I believe that as Americans we should all […]

Libby, Libby

Two more notable news items about Lewis “Scooter” Libby today, one – his arraignment, two – his replacement(s). Incase you missed it, check out Ron’s post earlier on Libby. First, Libby will make his 1st court appearance on Thursday. He is expected to plead innocent to criminal charges stemming from the CIA leak investigation.

Kerry: Bush Short-Changes Gulf Small Businesses Again

Bush is out of touch reality and fails Small Business again… Today Senator John Kerry criticized the Bush Administration for sending up a third Hurricane relief proposal that is out of touch with the needs of the estimated 200,000 small businesses struggling to stay in business or reopen after the disasters.

Retracing the Struggle

Yesterday I posted about the march in Boston to “re-enact a march that Martin Luther King led 40 years ago to protest school segregation in the city.” Here’s a great photo from the event from the Boston Globe:

Senator Kennedy on the Nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court

Opinions on the Alito nomination are pouring in from the Democratic Senators. Kerry’s statement is here, and quotes from statements from Reid and Leahy are here. The following statement was released from Senator Ted Kennedy: Rather than selecting a nominee for the good of the nation and the court, President Bush has picked a nominee […]