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Bush Approval Falling Even in Red States

In August I noted Bush’s decreased approval when Survey USA looked state by state. The current numbers continue to look bad for Bush. Disapproval of Bush compared to August has increased slightly from 60% to 61% in Ohio, with 37% approving in both polls. Bush’s approval dropped from 44% to only 39% in Florida. Disapproval […]

Dowd: Bush Descended Into Slapstick

Maureen Dowd reports that the “once disciplined and swaggering Bush administration has descended into slapstick” as she makes fun of both their suggestions for energy conservation, and of Karen Hughes: Air Force One costs $83,200 to fill up and more than $6,000 per hour to fly. Then there’s the cost of helicopters and a 2006 […]

Reports on Kerry Campaign Film Exaggerates Damages

The latest attacks on John Kerry appear to be as lacking in substance as all the previous attacks. The buzz in the blogosphere this week comes from a report in the New York Daily News on an upcoming movie on the campaign. The Daily News claims the film “could end up being the silver bullet […]

GOP Puts Environmental Rules on Chopping Block, Post Katrina/Rita

The GOP is never lacking in excuses or twisted logic to roll back environmental protections. It’s the crux of their agenda, to bolster the holdings of the energy giants that bankrolled the Bush cabal. They are at it again, this time with the excuse that rolling back environmental protections will help the U.S. recover from […]

Nancy Pelosi: ‘Truth and Trust are Essential to a Democracy”

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Reps. Steny Hoyer, Robert Menendez, James Clyburn, and Rahm Emanuel at a news conference this morning to discuss Democratic efforts to get Congress back on track on the 11th anniversary of the Republican’s “Contract with America.” Below are Pelosi’s remarks: “Good morning. Thank you, Rahm Emanuel, for your tremendous […]

You’re Not Qualified to Govern this Country if You Don’t Understand the Uses of TV

America was stunned to find out that Bush and many members of his administration had not tuned in to TV coverage of Katrina. How or why, in the midst of an epic proportion catastrophe in our country, our leaders were tuned out instead of tuned in, poses a huge question as to their responsibility in […]

Who’s Calling Who Dysfunctional?

The farce of hearing on “what went right and what went wrong” in the aftermath of Katrina, is under way today. Brownie, the much maligned, former head of FEMA, is now a paid witness (consultant) for his own defense at the hearing before the Republican led House Select Hurricane Katrina Committee (aka the Bush administration […]

Unite and Conquer

With the recent addition to The Democratic Daily of our drenched and unhappy Republican from Louisiana, Donnie McDaniel, I’ve gotten to thinking… It’s possible, if not probable, that the Republican bosses are losing some of their base, and rightfully so. As former moderate, intelligent, sensible Republicans see merit in the Democratic Party, I think it […]