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Evolution Provides Predictive Powers Lacked By Intelligent Design

The Washington Post reports on a suit by parents in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to prevent the teaching of intelligent design as science. They argue (correctly) that intelligent design is not science, but a form of creationism, the teaching of which has been found by the Supreme Court to violate separation of church and state. The Washington […]

Republicans use Katrina to Promote Right Wing Agenda

The Republican Taliban continues to try to break down the separation of church and state. Last week we reported on the House approving hiring of workers based upon religion. Today the Washington Post reports on a plan for FEMA to reimburse religious groups for assistance they provided to Katrina and Rita survivors. According to the […]

Shady Post-Katrina FEMA Contracts

This should come as no surprise… post-Katrina FEMA contracts awarded with no bidding, no or limited competition and ties to the Cabal… Topping the federal government’s list of costs related to Hurricane Katrina is the $568 million in contracts for debris removal landed by a Florida company with ties to Mississippi’s Republican governor. Near the […]

Dalai Lama: “Peace, War and Reconciliation”

The Dalai Lama spoke at Rutgers University Sunday on “Peace, War and Reconciliation.” His message is a message we need to hear much, much more of. The time has come for the world to look towards peace as a way of life. The path the Bush administration has taken our country down, is the wrong. […]

John Kerry Fears Katrina-Like Lack of Preparation for Global Competition

The speech was the second in a series of administration critiques and Democratic proposals being outlined by Kerry. Last week he focused more extensively on Hurricane Katrina. He said Monday he is preparing another speech laying out a timetable for Iraqis to regain control of their country.

Is Brownie Still On the Payroll?

The Daily Nightly reports: It turns out that former FEMA director Michael Brown is being retained by the agency as a “consultant.” Brown was on the Hill today to speak with staff at a special House committee in preparation for his testimony at a Tuesday hearing on Katrina. In the session, Brown said that he […]

Monday Night “Earl” Blogging

A little levity… just watched the pilot of My Name is Earl and laughed my head off. The Wall Street Journal call it “A slam dunk critical hit.” Read The New York Times review.

John Kerry Addresses Racial, Economic Disparities in Health Care

Last Monday in his speech at Brown University, John Kerry said, “Over the next weeks I will address some of these choices in detail – choices about national security, the war in Iraq, making our nation more competitive and committing to energy independence.” Clearly, John Kerry is on a roll… he started with the speech […]