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Find the Brownie and Other Games

Paul Krugman is playing games today: “Find the Brownie” and “Two Degrees of Jack Abramoff.” “The objective in Find the Brownie is to find an obscure but important government job held by someone whose only apparent qualifications for that job are political loyalty and personal connections.” After several examples, we are on to the next […]

Rita Proves Disaster Plans Unreliable

Newsweek discusses how Hurricane Rita proves our disaster plans are unreliable: ‘Stressed Out’. Americans often assume that taking steps to be ready for unforeseen emergencies is a deeply-rooted tradition, like the Scout motto: “be prepared.” The organization’s Web site reports that someone once asked Baden-Powell, the founder of Scouting, “Be prepared for what?” Baden-Powell replied: […]

John Kerry to Deliver Major Address on Competitiveness

I received a Media Alert from John Kerry’s Senate office over the weekend. John Kerry Kerry will deliver a Major Address on Competitiveness, tomorrow in Boston: Major Address By John Kerry on Competitiveness Who: Senator John Kerry What: Senator Kerry will be the featured speaker at the Greater Boston Chamber’s Government Affairs Luncheon Forum. The […]

M. Charles Bakst: Kerry is Right to Assail Bush

Columnsist M. Charles Bakst of the Providence Journal takes an interesting look at John Kerry’s speech last Monday at Brown University. His column is peppered with some bits of a phone interview he did with Kerry the following day. One comment that Bakst made led me believe that he may not have been paying attention […]

David Brooks on The Education Gap

Getting away from partisan political battles, David Brooks actually makes sense today. He discusses how “poorer kids are graduating from high school in greater numbers” but “when they get to college that they begin failing and dropping out.” He concludes with: Thomas Mortenson of the Pell Institute for the Study of Opportunity in Higher Education […]

Pro-War Demonstration Shows Little Support

Never let it be said we don’t report the activities of those who hold opposing viewpoints. Yesterday we reported on the anti-war demonstrations. It’s only fair that we now report that the supporters of the war were out to demonstrate in Washington, D.C. today. Four hundred turned out for the pro-war demonstration. That’s right–four hundred.

Music, Art and Hope Alive in New Orleans

Information page for anyone interested in New Orleans jazz, or who has ever listened to WWOZ 90.7 FM in New Orleans. A non-profit: New Orleans Artist Relief Effort

Robert Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Bush, News Media

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. once again holds no punches when it comes to blasting Bush. Hat tip to Mass on the DU Kerry forum for this find. Kennedy blasts Bush, news media By Andy Kekacs UNITY (Sep 24): A shameless president and a lazy press are bringing America to the brink of environmental and political […]