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Frist Suspected of Insider Trading

The New York Times looks at possible insider trading by Bill Frist, who sold his “stake in HCA, the giant hospital company that his family founded, as its shares reached a peak and began a steep slide.” They also report that “the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights of Santa Monica, Calif., said it sent […]

New York Times Columnists on Bush and Kerry

Bob Herbert ties all the Bush problems into a matter of competence in writing about Voters’ Remorse on Bush: Reality is caving in on a president who was held aloft for so long by a combination of ideological mumbo-jumbo, the public relations legerdemain of Karl Rove and the buoyant patriotism that followed the Sept. 11 […]

Kennedy: No on Roberts

Senator Kennedy went to the Senate floor today to discuss the nomination of John Roberts and why he intends to vote no. I’ve included some excerpts of his remarks below, you can read it in its entirety here . “Supporting or opposing nominees to the Supreme Court should not be a partisan question. In my […]

Response to Gar in Support of Kerry

Promoted from a response in the comments (with some revision): This is not an open forum. This is a blog to present our views. It is our full intention to inject our opinions and take sides on issues. Expressing differing opinions here is fine, but expect to hear a response if we disagree. Especially expect […]

Hurricane Rita now Category 4

An FYI from the Weather Channel: Hurricane Rita now Category 4