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Dan Rather: “There is a Climate of Fear running Through Newsrooms”

Reuters covered Dan Rather speaking at the Fordham University School of Law in Manhattan, stating that, “Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said Monday that there is a climate of fear running through newsrooms stronger than he has ever seen in his more than four-decade career.” They also quote him as saying: in the intervening […]

American Astronomical Society Statement Supporting Teaching Evolution

AAS Statement on the Teaching of Evolution Adopted 20 September 2005 The American Astronomical Society supports teaching evolution in our nation’s K-12 science classes. Evolution is a valid scientific theory for the origin of species that has been repeatedly tested and verified through observation, formulation of testable statements to explain those observations, and controlled experiments […]

Iraq’s Missing Billions

What has happened to Iraq’s missing $1billion? Could this be one of the problems Senator Kerry has pointed out when it comes to corruption and incompetence concerning the Bush Administration and the war in Iraq?