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Triumph of the Puritans (GOP Style)

The War on Porn is “one of the top priorities” of Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales according to the Washington Post. Perhaps the Bush Administration thinks that if they keep trying they will find a war they can actually win. Many FBI agents are making fun of this: “I guess this means we’ve won the […]

FEC Files Suit Against Club For Growth

The FEC has filed suit against the conservative Club for Growth to force them to comply with limits on political contributions. The New York Times reports that, “The case stems from a complaint filed against the group by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in connection with a television advertisement broadcast last year.”

Stem Cells Repair Damage in Spinal Cord Injury

More evidence of the benefits of stem cell research: Injections of human stem cells seem to directly repair some of the damage caused by spinal cord injury, according to research that helped partially paralyzed mice walk again. The experiment, reported Monday, isn’t the first to show that stem cells offer tantalizing hope for spinal cord […]

This Administration Is Done For

The conservative American Spectator reports that “this Administration is done for.” The atmosphere sure has changed since last November, when the Republicans felt like they had the “political capital” to pursue their policies (despite the opposition of a majority of voters to virtually all specific GOP policy positions). From The American Spectator: Publicly, the White […]

Election Reforms Recommended

The private Commission on Federal Election Reform, a 21-member bipartisan panel led by Jimmy Carter and James Baker, is issuing its recommendations. Recommendations include having elections run by nonpartisan officials. This seem like a rather obvious reform, considering how in 2000 Florida Secretary of State Katerine Harris was c0-chair of Bush’s Florida campaign and in […]

The New York Times Premium Content

I see Editor and Publisher has linked here, giving the impression that we are out to reproduce the Times’s pay portions to thwart their attempts to make money with their new premium sections. That is not our goal. While most bloggers have been bashing the Times for this policy, I believed that this is their […]