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Fooled Like Charlie Brown

Bob Herbert also discusses Katrina and race in his Monday column. (I’m waiting for some bloggers to protest that on the first day of paid viewing of columnists, both are writing about the same thing.) Herbert starts out by observing, “The president is Lucy, and he’s holding a football. We’re Charlie Brown.” The major focus […]

Krugman on Race and the GOP

Paul Krugman looks at race, Katrina, and the GOP today. Here’s a couple selections from the column: By three to one, African-Americans believe that federal aid took so long to arrive in New Orleans in part because the city was poor and black. By an equally large margin, whites disagree. . . But in a […]

The Republican War on Science

From Terri Gross: ” In his new book The Republican War on Science, journalist Chris Mooney contends that the Bush administration has distorted research and misinformed the public on issues ranging from stem cell research to global warming”

Dawkins Briefly Explains Evolution

The New Scientist looks at the world’s ten biggest ideas, including a short essay by Richard Dawkins on Evolution: The world is divided into things that look designed (like birds and airliners) and things that don’t (rocks and mountains). Things that look designed are divided into those that really are designed (submarines and tin openers) […]

The Winds of Katrina

It’s no secret that I’m a strong John Kerry supporter, as are many of the posters here at The Democratic Daily. While Frank’s Rich’s column in today’s New York Times might seem to be only a blast at Bush, I didn’t read it that way. I read Rich’s column and felt a measure of hope […]