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Bush In Command

Cheney’s Vacation Cut Short

Not only did Bush have to make sacrifices, coming back from vacation early, but Dick Cheney also had a rough week. From US News and World Report: When asked by a reporter why he did not return from his vacation earlier than last Thursday, three days after the hurricane hit, the vice president replied: “I […]

Dubya’s Note To Condi

He needs a bathroom break.

My Big Question

It certainly appears to be reality. Katrina has knocked 9/11 and the War on Terror out of the arena, and left our President stripped bare. He is now the “Responsibility President”, an image worked up overnight to save the floundering (should I say drowning?) Republican Party. This isn’t quite in synch with the privatized infinitessimal […]

Misleading Answers From Roberts

The Roberts hearings have raised more questions than they have answered. Roberts is certainly intelligent and skillful at evading questions. On the opening day Roberts compared himself to an umpire whose job is to interpret the rules rather than make them. From what I’ve seen of many current Republicans, my question is which rule book […]

They’re Finally Catching On

Click on the graphic for the entire cartoon.

War, what IS it good for?

More than 100 people were killed in a string of bombings and ambushes in Iraq today in the worst large scale violence since May and June, and the Al Qaeda group in Iraq said that it was launching a nationwide campaign of suicide bombings in retaliation for an American-Iraqi military offensive against insurgents in the northern city of Tal Afar.