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Welcome to Camp Katrina

In the aftermath of this unbelievable tragedy, emotions are running high, fear being one of them. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind, but in the midst of the horror, some beautiful, uplifting stories are unfolding. Colorado has invited 1000 survivors to make a new home in this sun-filled, high-spirited, DRY, infinitely friendly […]

Words from John Kerry — Leave no American behind: Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina

The lesson of Katrina is simple. We must always be honest about the challenges we face, and never reserve our compassion only for disasters. People must not allow the Administration to continue sugar-coating the true state of this nation. ~~John Kerry

Brian Williams speaks out

NBC’s Brian Williams says the lasting legacy of Hurricane Katrina for journalists may be the end of an unusual four-year period of deference to people in power.

Wynton Marsalis on New Orleans

“The trouble with our country has been that we do this for a while, like in the Civil War or the civil rights movement, then we stop and retrench.”