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Public Starting To Care About Court Nominee Views

Here’s a sign of possible trouble for Bush should he attempt to appoint two conservative Supreme Court justices with views which are out of the mainstream of public opinion: In a shift from July, the public now thinks the Senate should consider a Supreme Court nominee’s positions on issues in addition to his or her […]

Friedman: Katrina Destroys a City and Presidency

I used to like Thomas Friedman, but my opinion of him dropped considerably when he supported Bush on Iraq. I’m beginning to like him again, as he ties in Bush’s failure to respond adequately to Katrina to the overall philosophy of his government: An administration whose tax policy has been dominated by the toweringly selfish […]

Iran Could Develop Bomb in 5-15 Years

Does anyone trust the Bush Administration to have any idea as to how to rationally respond to this? Here’s what’s happening elsewhere while Bush is getting us bogged down in an unnecessary war in Iraq: Iran could develop nuclear bomb-making capability within five years, but a longer timeframe is more likely, a leading thinktank said […]

Bush to Oversee Investigation

Well, this is really reassuring. AP reports, “Beset with criticism over the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, President Bush said Tuesday he will oversee an investigation into what went wrong and why.” Quick, somebody send the man a mirror.