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Washing Away

It’s only a matter of time before South Louisiana takes a direct hit from a major hurricane. Billions have been spent to protect us, but we grow more vulnerable every day.

World braces for the ripple effect

Katrina may start a perfect storm in the world economy, write John Garnaut and Los Angeles Times reporter Evelyn Iritani.

It’s easy to think the full impact of the oil crisis is half a world away, where American motorists are paying double what they were three years ago for petrol, after the Gulf Coast was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina.

911 in New Orleans

911 in New Orleans We’re told the 911 attacks changed everything for America–that they ushered us into a new and more dangerous world, where we could no longer afford old illusions. If we take its full lessons, the disaster of Hurricane Katrina challenges us even more profoundly.