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Condi Exposed by Bloggers

Editor and Publisher reports on how Condi was forced to return to D.C. after bloggers reported on her vacation and expensive shopping outings in Manhattan while New Orleans was suffering damage from Katrina.

Bush Administration Out of Touch With Reality

Ron Fournier notes that with Bush, Rhetoric Not Matching Reality. While this is hardly a topic where we expect to find anything amusing, there was one rather amusing observation. The Bush Administration on their actions in New Orleans were compared to the statements of “Baghdad Bob” during the fall of Baghdad. Fournier shows how the […]

Is Bush to Blame for New Orleans Flooding?

Factcheck.org looks at the charges raised against Bush regarding slashing of funding for flood control, and verifies their accuracy. In addition to verifying the accusations from people such as Sidney Blumenthal reductions in funding for flood control, they document many of the complaints from local officials that funding for hurricane protection projects were inadequate. In […]