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Red State Versus Blue State Discipline

Would it be unfair to use this data to argue that red state people differ from blue state people in their support of cruelty to children? Apparently a kid who says this in the red states is more likely to have their mouth washed out with soap.

Bush’s Record on Predicting Terrorist Actions

George Bush sure thinks he is an expert on what the terrorist think. For example, the New York Times reports Bush is saying that “an immediate withdrawal of American troops from Iraq would only embolden terrorists and make America and its allies more vulnerable to attack.” Maybe, or maybe less people would be willing to […]

McCain Supports Teaching Intelligent Design

I’ve often said it here that John McCain is not as bad as the neocons in control of the GOP, but he is also certainly no moderate. Here’s another example of how McCain is definately a conservative. The Arizona Daily Star reports that McCain supports George Bush’s view that intelligent design should be taught in […]

Differences Between Democratic and Republican Healthcare Solutions

Malcolm Gladwell (who I also referred to on another topic a few days ago) has an important essay on health care in the New Yorker. Gladwell first outlines many of the problems of our current system: One of the great mysteries of political life in the United States is why Americans are so devoted to […]

Small Scale Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

As I was contemplating my office’s order for influenza vaccine for this season I was torn by a debate. Every year a new vaccine is needed because the influenza virus has become resistant to the previous year’s vaccine. The virus has changed, or evolved. The underlying biology is analogous to the evolution of species (and […]