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Kerry News From The Prague Daily Monitor

Exhibition presents Senator Kerry’s ancestors USOV (PDM staff with CTK) 22 August – Documents about the ancestors of US Senator John Kerry, whose family roots originate in the former Jewish community in Usov, have been put on display in the local synagogue. The exhibition, which opened Saturday, also shows works of art inspired by the […]

Gladwell’s Explanations

It is feeling more and more like we are reaching a tipping point. Coverage of war protests is dominating the news as bipartisan opposition is developing to remaining in Iraq. The public opposes Bush’s handling of the war by almost a 2:1 margin. Approval ratings for George Bush is at a historic low for second […]

The Tailor of Bagdad

It’s amazing how real life imitates art. In John LeCarre’s Tailor of Panama the United States almost invaded Panama based upon intelligence made up by a tailor. Tonight CNN is airing Dead Wrong — Inside an Intelligence Meltdown which shows how the United States actually did invade Iraq based upon distorting intelligence reports. The claims […]