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Bush Starts Push to Defend Iraq War

ABC News calls Bush’s radio address on Iraq as the start of a five day push to defend the Iraq war. His radio address today was more of the same as he confused Iraq with the original terrorist attacks of 9/11. He also continued his claims that we are fighting terrorists in Iraq so that […]

Cindy Sheehan Exposes The Right Wing Noise Machine

All Cindy Sheehan wanted to do was to discuss the issues surrounding the death of her son in Iraq, but in becoming a celebrity she unintentionally (and probably without any desire) exposed the disgusting tactics which have become so common in the right wing media and blogosphere. Just as during the entire Iraq war the […]

Separation of Church and State Defended–in India

While in the United States the Republicans are seeking activist judges who will erode the separation of church and state, in India there is movement towards greater religious freedom: INDIA: SUPREME COURT TO RULE ON RELIGIOUS COURTS The Supreme Court has agreed to hear a challenge to the legality of religious courts after an Islamic […]