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New Documents on Iraq Released

Documents newly released to The National Security Archive under the Freedom of Information Act provide further evidence of what we’ve already known–the Bush administration had been planning for the invasion of Iraq as soon as October 2001. For example, one power point presentation in the released documents includes a Project History which starts in October […]

State By State, They No Longer Approve of Bush

Survey USA found, as in other recent polls, that Bush’s popularity has dropped tremendously the last few months. They looked at Bush’s approval state by state. Bush has higher approval than disapproval ratings in just ten states: Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Texas, Alabama, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma and Mississippi. Louisiana and North Carolina are tied. […]

Looking Back at the 2004 Election

Political Science Quarterly takes a nonpartisan look at the 2004 election. There are no real surprises here. The election was close due to the near equal division in the country, and 2008 is also expected to be a close race. Open races with no incumbent running also tend to be close. Due to the degree […]