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The Axis of Evil

Remember George Bush’s promises to take action against the “axis of evil” back in 2002? The Washington Post took a look back and found that Bush’s policies have not turned out very well.

Peter Jennings on DVD

Anchor Bay Entertainment is releasing a two DVD set of six documentaries hosted by Peter Jennings on October 18. Here are partial contents: “No Place to Hide” takes a look at post-September 11 security surveillance; “From the Tobacco File” explores the tobacco industry and the failure of Congress to regulate it; “Guantanamo” gives viewers a […]

Can Gene-Altered Rice Rescue the Farm Belt?

Can Gene-Altered Rice Rescue the Farm Belt?
Chris Cummins for The New York Times
Fields of Bio-Engineered Dreams
The debate over gene-altered rice has a certain urgency in the Farm Belt, where commodity crops must be replaced with new products.

Another Difference between Democrats and Republicans

The Economist looks at the importance of exercise to George Bush: Enthusiasm for sport can be a ticket to Mr Bush’s inner circle. Ms Rice works out with the president and spends time at Camp David watching baseball and football on television (apparently her most cherished dream is to be appointed the commissioner of the […]