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Starting Young

Republican Doctrination starting early. Babies are exposed to non-stop anti-freedom and anti-science propaganda, followed by talk radio and audio of Fox News. (For real information on this picture click here.)

Leave Out The Facts For an Effective Ad

I bet this applies to political ads as well as those studied. A study to be published this fall in the Journal of Advertising found that to reach skeptical consumers it is best to leave out the facts and appeal to emotions. Let’s see. Ignore all the facts about Bush’s first term record. Ignore the […]

Peter Jennings Really Gone

ABC’s World News Tonight with Peter Jennings continued under that name after Jennings announced he had lung cancer even though he could never return to the air. His name continued on the show through last week as a tribute. After consulting with Jennings’ family, ABC has announced that it is now taking Jennings’ name off […]

Cindy Sheehan, Military Moms to Announce Nationwide Vigils, FridayMoment of Prayer for Troops in Iraq and Mothers of Fallen Soldiers

Press release from Cindy Sheehan: Mothers to invite President Bush to pray for the troops with them at camp this Friday. On Monday, the moms who are camping outside of President Bush’s Crawford ranch demanding answers to why their sons died in Iraq, and the Iraq war veterans who’ve joined them, will announce their plan […]

Kerry News

John Kerry addresses the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee in Seattle, WA on Friday. (From The Note) See earlier post on this.

Limbaugh Goes Fascist

There’s no other word for Rush Limbaugh if this quote from TomPaine.com is true: “Wouldn’t it be great if anybody who speaks out against this country, to kick them out of the country? Anybody that threatens this country, kick ’em out. We’d get rid of Michael Moore, we’d get rid of half the Democratic Party […]