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Man Forgot Pipe Bomb in Luggage

When you need to tell a lie, you need a professional. Unfortunately all the best in the field are tied up in the Bush Administration, leaving Charles Alfred Dreyling on his own. Dreyling was caught attempting to take a pipe bomb onto an airplane which was rigged to detonate with his cell phone battery. His […]

Sopranos Returning With Bonus Episodes

Not only will The Sopranos be back next spring, we get a bonus for the almost two year wait. Just as HBO did with Sex and The City, eight additional episodes will be filmed when the next (and possibly final) season is filmed. These episodes will be held back until January 2007.

Keeping Secrets on Roberts

Not long after the September 11 attacks I recall actions of George Bush to restrict access to the papers of his father and Ronald Reagan. In the post 9/11 period, when there weren’t so many blogs to keep this type of story alive, there was little talk of this. I wasn’t sure if anyone else […]

Evolution Defended

The New Republic is publishing an extensive article on The Case Against Intelligent Design. The article provides everything you ever wanted to know about evolution, including the scientific aspects and political background for all previous and current attacks. There’s far too much material to provide the highlights, but this quote might serve as a good […]

That Wild Guy, John Roberts

Here’s something else to drive the right wing crazy about John Roberts. Human Events reports that Roberts helped out Playboy on a case before the Supreme Court. “Playboy’s case challenged the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which required cable TV operators to scramble sexually explicit content or restrict the pornography to hours when children would be […]